Our Product

The BrainDOME


An innovative surgical device that presents a completely novel approach to improving survival and recovery for victims of traumatic brain injury.


Create an environment in which the brain can safely swell and decompress. Without the physical limitation of the upper skull, the brain will be unobstructed during its swelling process and mechanical forces between the skull and brain will be removed. The BrainDOME creates physical protection against outside elements as well as create a sterile environment within.

The BrainDOME will include elastic elements that allow the dome to stretch to fit the expansion of the brain. A ratchet mechanism allows for the device to stay secured to the patients head.


The BrainDOME offers an entirely new way to not only treat TBI's, but how we study and treat brain-related diseases. Direct access to the brain opens up the possibility for novel drug administration and other treatment techniques.